Negativity & Doubt and the damages it causes!


Negativity & Doubt

We all have had these words come to our mind many times during our lives. Sometimes it creeps in daily while trying something new, or perhaps something we have tried many times before, but given up before we even started! So day after day, year after year the same thing happens!

Not only have we done this to ourselves, but worse it’s been done by others. It may be excused as a well-meaning caring gesture from a loved one, a colleague or even a stranger who may not realize how many times others have done this to you, and the damage it caused to your motivation, creativity and success.

What do you do when this happens? Many will do like they have before and never get off the launching pad and let your dream be stolen once again! You will go back to what you may consider the safe alternative. The reason you do this, could be to not be crushed again and again! Finally, you decide the whole idea or ideas are not worth the trouble.

You gave in to your inner fear of rejection!

I suggest different alternatives.

  • Go for a walk away from whatever is causing this negativity.
  • If it’s in your mind decide on things that are pleasurable for you, like some quotes, listen to music, times when things were not so bad, or perhaps when you received encouragement when you least expected.

There are many other ways, and I would love to hear about them. Write them down, and share them to yourself as a gift from this self-doubt and negative thought from others.

Teach yourself until you have more confidence, to surround yourself with positive views and fewer negatives.

We have the perfect avenues here at WA to be encouraged and become an encourager yourself.

Let’s move beyond those who are your dream stealers !

Do not chastise, be fearful or even take revenge, but treat them to your positive outlook.

No matter what. Smile inside!




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